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Problem Inside Progress   M. Aminul Islam Akanda

Problem Inside Progress

236 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Embarking on the take-off stage in the late 1990s, Bangladesh is yet to become a middle-income country passing its four decades after independence. However, capitalistic transformation paved a way to expand private sector-led business environment. This book is a set of articles on contemporary economic issues for all sectors of the country. Uniqueness of entire analyses include the explanations in terms of economic theories, diagnoses of earlier policies to explicate issues, insertions of most recent data along with forty years retrospect, comparisons with external scenarios to clarify in-country scenario and lastly propositions based on theories, statistics and policies. Moreover, it incorporated expert opinion and survey data in necessary cases during inscription, which was later enriched with public opinion and reviews of both financial and non-financial journalists when all articles got published in national dailies. This book is designed as a textbook on Bangladesh economy for...
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