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Diversity Of Freshwater Macro-Invertebrate   Shailendra Sharma,Rajendra Chorasiya and Sudha Dubey

Diversity Of Freshwater Macro-Invertebrate

236 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
life and its process. There are four categories of biodiversity of ecosystem. These are inland water, forest, marine and coastal biodiversity. Maintaining biological diversity helps in maintaining resources and ecological services. Due to human influence they are altered and introduction of alien species provides further ecological problems. The lakes are used for many purposes and hence they are the ones, which are exploited more. Benthic macro invertebrates are best indicators for Bioassessment. The abiotic environment of the water body directly affect in the distribution, population density and diversity of the macro benthic community. Benthic fauna are especially of great significance for fisheries that they themselves act as food of bottom feeder fishes. The present project deiles with on the natural history of some of these aquatic species support conclusions to understand the role of benthic macro invertebrates in status of water quality assessment and health of aquatic...
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