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Application of CVM in Valuation of Urban Green, Open-Spaces:   Yalemzewd Nigussie

Application of CVM in Valuation of Urban Green, Open-Spaces:

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Until recently, recognition to urban forestry and parks were limited in most developing countries. There was little or no private participation in developing parks, green and open-spaces. However there is a great deal of realization that with out having safer and environmentally sound green open spaces, health and other urban problems will be perpetuated. The great hopes pinned on the development of urban green open-spaces in developing countries have been the creation of employment, increasing revenue from tourist attractions and making the urban center viable for living. There are some countries which went a little in this turn. The Introduction of the Economic value of Urban green open-spaces will help private firms to participate in developing and delivering to the increased needs of recreational sites. This book will give an insight about how one can value green open-spaces as well as the costs and benefits of developing green open-spaces in in a defined scenario.
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