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A Framework for Individual Creative Problem Solving   Henrik Boddum

A Framework for Individual Creative Problem Solving

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The need for creativity and innovation is of the highest importance in companies today. The focus on improving the business through efficiency and cost reduction and the doing what we do better and improved customer service approach are no longer enough, today it is imperative to take a creative and entrepreneurial approach to exploit new opportunities and creativity must be positioned as a core business skill. The strong need for building creativity throughout organizations is shown to be widely acknowledged. It is however the presumption of this book, that the thoughts, theories and approaches towards defining creativity and establishing creativity processes within organizations are too numerous, too costly, too unclear, too broadly defined and too exaggerated in their complexity for the majority of organizations to make successful use of these. The book presents a new Framework for Individual Creative Problem Solving, which can be used for inspiration for ...
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