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HRD in Pakistan an Analytical Study (1947 to 2012)   Bashir Ahmad Khilji

HRD in Pakistan an Analytical Study (1947 to 2012)

308 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HRD in Pakistan, an analytical study is related with the current scenario of HR in Pakistan since existence to date. As no book is available on the topic as such, hence, it is unique book especially for advance studies in HRD for policy makers and planners. In spite of many efforts taken by the Govt Pakistan is lagging behind in this area. A panoramic history of Economic Development of Japan and other Asian Tigers is evident that Human capital occupies central position as compared to any other resource for social development. Pakistan’s track record in this field has never risen beyond a mere average. HRD is based on education, science and technological development; health, food, nutrition, hygienic condition and availability of clean drinking water; information technological development, vocational training and skill development; manpower planning; development in migration outflows and inflow of remittances; all these are itself explanatory and give the clear picture that Pakistan...
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