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Women Access to Land in Formal and Informal Settlements   Helene Francis

Women Access to Land in Formal and Informal Settlements

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study was done to examine the challenges and opportunities encountered by women in the process of accessing land in unplanned and planned settlements. Norms and practices that determine the status of women in the household have an effect on access and control of resources as well as their economic well-being. Despite, cultural discrimination of women towards access to land, there have been efforts in terms of policies and legislations trying to support women access to and own land resources. Based on a detailed empirical investigation of informal and formal settlements, Tunduma and Vwawa respectively. Women find it difficult to follow procedures required as it takes time and costs involved to acquire right of occupancy. Legal rights (policies and legislations) responsible for women rights to land are not well initiated. In addition, the society is not well informed the importance of women’s land right. The book recommends that, women rights should be initiated at grass root level...
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