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Aspects Of Tenant Eviction In Property Management Practice   Ibrahim Tajudeen Akogun

Aspects Of Tenant Eviction In Property Management Practice

152 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book examined the trend in tenant eviction, methods adopted for eviction, its causes and effects on stakeholders in the study area. Primary data were collected from the practising estate surveying firms, evicted tenants and landlords selected by stratified random sampling using structured questionnaire. Data analysis by descriptive and inferential statistical techniques showed an increasing trend in eviction during the period and that residential properties were more prone to eviction than commercial properties, and the low income group were the most vulnerable The study’s result also revealed that rent default caused more than half of all the evictions recorded during the period. It was also revealed that enmity, and waste of material and financial resources were the most significant consequences of eviction. The study will be of considerable source of knowledge to students, professional property managers and the public in general as a handy reference material on leases, tenant...
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