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Land Accessibility Among Urban Crop Farmers in Lagos, Nigeria   Christopher Odudu

Land Accessibility Among Urban Crop Farmers in Lagos, Nigeria

220 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is generally felt that agricultural production is located in the rural areas to be exploited to provide food for the teeming population especially the population of our towns and cities. Only little is known of the rising importance of crop farming taking place in various towns and cities world-wide. The activity enhances households’ food security, income, employment and makes numerous contributions to a city’s social, economic and environmental development. Exploring the potentials of crop farming in our urban areas will no doubt change the food systems of urban dwellers because of its use of household and market wastes as organic manure as opposed to use of inorganic fertilizers in agricultural production. This book therefore provided a blueprint to enable policy makers tackle critical issues affecting land accessibility for urban crop farmers. In particular, the book provided a constraint analysis model that will help find solution to constraints that are most critical to...
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