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Self Help Group: An Approach To Women Empowerment In Chhattisgarh   Sushila Sinha

Self Help Group: An Approach To Women Empowerment In Chhattisgarh

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is about how Self Help Group act as important mechanism in promoting women's empowerment in rural areas through various income generating activities that enhance their overall family income and provide them self reliability in society. It describes the challenges that they face in establishing and developing their activities and business including financial, technical and marketing knowledge often beyond their control. The book also provides role of rural development and financial Institution in context to Self help Group. The entire material is written in a simple language with relevant data for easy understanding. The thematic issues of access, opportunities, challenges and impacts of Self Help Group covered in this book are expected to be interest for a wide consistency, including research worker,rural animators, development practitioners and policy makers
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