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The Value Of a Home   Kanwar Dara Sandhu

The Value Of a Home

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Real estate prices affect the wealth and mindset of all sections of society, from multibillionaire's to the unemployed. Residential real estate prices depend on a large number of demand and supply side factors. This book was written after a thorough qualitative analysis of all these factors affecting the residential property market, particularly in Hong Kong. To understand the impact that different demand and supply side variables have on property prices, an extensive Ordinary Least squares (OLS) regression was carried out, and the results are discussed in an uncomplicated manner. The results are not exclusive to Hong Kong, as the findings are suitable to understand real estate in other countries as well. This research has found new factors that were not considered in earlier studies and have a notable impact on property prices. Furthermore, the history and geographic peculiarities of real estate in Hong Kong have been comprehensively explained. While this study engages in many...
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