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Premises for Voluntary Repatriation   Janvier Nzigo

Premises for Voluntary Repatriation

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Third country resettlement and refugee repatriation are two of three durable solutions to the problematic of refugees. Third country resettlement requires refugees to undergo a process of social integration, which aims at providing them the same opportunities, services and rights as the host population. This thesis gives two aspects of refugee?s social integration process, outlining the differences between psychological integration and economic integration. Findings indicate that Congolese in Norway manage well economically, but social psychological integration is a struggle. Refugee repatriation have been characterised as the preferred solution in part because of it is believed to put an end to the refugee cycle, but also it is essential for post-conflict peace building of the country/ society refuge originated. The thesis (1) examines the process and problematic around refugee?s social integration of Congolese resettled in Norway; but it also (2) assesses the possibilities for a...
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