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Maize and Sugar Prices: The Effects on Ethanol Production   Federico Porrez Padilla

Maize and Sugar Prices: The Effects on Ethanol Production

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is experiencing yet another energy- and fuel predicament as oil prices are escalating to new hights. Alternative fuels are being promoted globally as the increasing gasoline prices trigger inflation. Basic food commodities are some of the goods hit by this inflation. This book analyses whether the higher maize and sugar prices are having any effect on the expanding ethanol production. It focuses on the two major crop inputs in ethanol production: maize (in the US) and sugar cane (in Brazil). Econometric tests using cross-sectional data were carried through to find the elasticities of the variables. The crops prices were tested against ethanol output using the log-linear model in several regressions to find a relationship. In addition, the output levels of the crops were tested using the same method. It was found that maize prices and output affects ethanol production. Sugar cane prices do not have any significant impact on ethanol production while sugar...
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