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Review of Food Security status and Cooping Mechanisms in Ethiopia   Getachew Shambel and Chanyalew Seyum

Review of Food Security status and Cooping Mechanisms in Ethiopia

360 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Both transitory and chronic food insecurity are common in Ethiopia. Moreover, food insecurity is one of the defining features of rural poverty affecting millions of people. The problem of food insecurity has wide diversity and multiple dimensions, which ranges from the global, regional, country, local, household to individual level. Moreover, the various, complex and interrelated causes of household food security and local responses during crisis are not studied in detail, especially at a household level. To this effect, therefore, our aim with editing this book is thus to initiate a response to recent calls to re-establish more politicized approaches to food security predicaments in the country. We edited this book, on top of all, to instigate further extensive research works by scholars taking this as a springboard to put forth strong intellectual but scientific cooping mechanisms to put a stop on this daunting itching of the country.
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