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Improving and Protecting Multiple-Use Water Resources   Tekalign Gutu Sakketa

Improving and Protecting Multiple-Use Water Resources

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Society today is confronted with environmental problems caused by continually increasing economic activities. Particularly, changes to water quality, quantity and availability will be an ongoing impact of climate change in many areas. To cope with these adverse effects, multiple-use water systems are among the management systems and approaches designed by different organizations to tackle such problems in the water sector. These management systems and approaches are based on the assumption of cost sharing. However, water rates based on the willingness to pay have often ignored the resource base of the poor who are expected to pay for the service delivery. This book attempts to quantify and identify the determinants of households willingness to pay for improving and protecting multiple-use water resources. The study uses both primary and secondary data. Data analysis employs descriptive statistics complemented with qualitative information and econometric analysis. The econometric...
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