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Input-Output Analysis   Fatemeh Bazzazan

Input-Output Analysis

288 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book will introduce you static, dynamic, and extended quantity and their duals as price models with their applications to Iran. These models and their applications can help you to gain better understanding of economic issues in Iran up to 2002. Input-output model is a powerful analytical tool and has been made very much progress in the economic context in Iran in the last two decades and some parts of such progress are explored and one of the most important policy challenges: “examine the impacts of the energy price change on the output price, cost of living households and government budget” are empirically tested. The main features of this book are: • To review the theoretical background of conventional and extended static and dynamic input-output models. • To review the theoretical background of conventional static and dynamic input-output price models as the dual of quantity models. • To develop extended dynamic quantity and price input-output models. • To undertake the...
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