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The Improvement of Emigration Policy of the Republic of Moldova   Olga Dolghi

The Improvement of Emigration Policy of the Republic of Moldova

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Poverty and social injustice are two of the main reasons of mass emigration of populations from developing countries, in search for a better life. After the collapse of the Soviet Union almost every second household in Moldova has been touched by this phenomenon. The research "The Improvement of Emigration Policy of the Republic of Moldova" discusses the problem of emigration identifying the emigration causes and analyzing the emigration effects on the economy. The findings of the study provide valuable insight for the government actors in designing migration policies pursuing economic growth. It shows that migration should be addressed through a multidimensional approach by economic empowerment of returning emigrants, improving the current migration policy to one focused on migration management and not prevention, by protecting its citizens residing abroad, liberalising a series of market sectors, and creating at home the environment that the migrant is searching abroad.
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