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Online retailing in China: Sellers on the C2C market   Johanna Atterby

Online retailing in China: Sellers on the C2C market

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
China, with the biggest internet population in the world, has during the past few years experienced a new internet phenomenon; the shopping website "Taobao". Taobao, which literary means "searching for treasure" in Chinese, is a platform for online retailing, similar to the American website eBay. This is where millions of young Chinese meet everyday to buy and sell basically anything from clothes and electronics to travel- and webdesign services. But instead of posting random objects, the individual sellers display their products and services on their own customized page; a Taobao shop. This thesis discussed the motives behind opening and running a Taobao shop and if it can be compared to entrepreneurial activity, and if so, what kind of entrepreneurial activity.
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