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Potential Micro Entrepreneurial Borrowers: Challenges   Jamal Mohammed

Potential Micro Entrepreneurial Borrowers: Challenges

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Micro finance has become a safety net for the poor in the Tamale Metropolis in Ghana to access credit for their businesses.The Potential Micro Entrepreneurial Borrowers in this Metropolis are faced with certain challenges and as such hidden opportunities available are not even harness to their advantage.This study therefore spelt out this linkage and how issues could be addressed.The study revealed that potential micro entrepreneurial borrowers do not have the knowledge about the amount of interest they paid on any form of credit they accessed from micro finance institutions.At the end of the day,the interest they pay on their loans are so high that, it defeats the purpose of poverty reduction and alleviation.In addition, little policy interventions are made to uplift and reduce the poverty status in the area of financing the activities of these potential micro entrepreneurial borrowers.
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