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Gender, ICT, and Development   Nezahat Kucuk

Gender, ICT, and Development

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is most commonly expected that gender equality and technologies play very important role not only for women but the economic and social development of entire societies as well. This book brings together some of the most interesting and innovative works within the literature being done to tackle gender inequality problem both in education and in labor force by using ICT and some socio-political contexts. Chapters cover a wide range of theories both from economical and feminist point of views. It criticizes their different views on ICTs by using some empirical studies as well. Whilst empirical studies in the literature uses only one dimension of gender equality, this book uses different indexes while measuring the level of gender equality, ICTs, child development, and institutional quality of countries. Therefore, this book gives readers a unique insight into the impact of ICTs and institutional quality on gender equality and on child development for more than 200...
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