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E-Business Implementation Strategies in Kenyan Firms   John Kennedy Muteti

E-Business Implementation Strategies in Kenyan Firms

268 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explains how in recent times, most business firms has grown and survived with the ultimate goal of shareholder wealth maximization. In order to achieve this goal business firms have embraced new technologies to fend off new competitors, reinforce an existing competitive advantage, or just create wealth in new markets. Dr Muteti gives a choice of appropriate business strategies requires a thorough understanding of how the chosen strategy can create economic value for the firm. Electronic business which is a relatively new concept stemming from the Knowledge Economy and one of the most significant opportunities that new computing technologies present to business firms. E-business enables business firms to conduct business transactions electronically, and promote operational flexibility and become more efficient. The author elucidates how E-business implementation is currently in a relatively immature state in Kenya because of many small businesses and a few large firms which...
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