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MANAGERIAL OCCUPATIONAL STRESS   Shilpi Goyal and Anu Singh Lather


276 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managerial occupational stress has become more common today because of the ever increasing demands of business from the employees in general and managers in particular. Since the occupational stress is bound to have a direct bearing on the performance of the managers, its timely assessment and then adoption of some remedial measures becomes all the more important. Thus, research in this area is necessary to equip the organizations with a tool to measure the occupational stress. While there are many instruments available to measure the stress level, there has been no comprehensive and integrated approach towards stress measurement, especially in Indian financial sector. Keeping this research gap in view, this research work aims at to design a model to assess the level of stress among the managers of the Indian financial sector. This work would be useful for the researchers, students, academicians, entrepreneurs and the policy makers.
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