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Clustering as a Tool of Competitiveness   Dora Daumova

Clustering as a Tool of Competitiveness

124 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This paper deals with the issue of clusters as relatively new tools of competitiveness in economies and examines their linkage to a state through cluster policies and initiatives. It focuses on a theoretical development of the concept, putting down a wide scale of supportive rationales, presenting also possible risks and explaining a linkage to innovation and competitiveness. Furthermore, the paper treats the issue of cluster policies as possible means of a cluster creation. Emphasis is put on the justification of the role of state which can take part as either contributive or disturbing factor. The empirical part of the paper presents the case of the Czech clustering. The Czech cluster policy is analyzed concerning its targets, instruments, approaches and other relevant issues, focusing on shortcomings and problems of the policy. Finally, a case study of the Moravian-Silesian automotive cluster is presented. In this part, the particular cluster is...
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