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How to Start a Bar/Tavern  

How to Start a Bar/Tavern

2004 год.
Book DescriptionOpening a bar or tavern is one of the most popular choices for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses. But you need to know a lot more than just how to mix drinks if you?re going to succeed. And this is the place to find it. Whether your dream is to own a cozy neighborhood watering hole or the hottest nightclub in town, this easy-to-use guide tells you everything you need to know before opening your doors. Overviews of the three different types of bar/tavern businesses (neighborhood bar, sports bar and nightclub), with answers to commonly asked questions. Proven tips and advice for handling federal, state and local regulations; selecting a good location; designing an efficient, attractive bar; choosing theright equipment; and hiring the best employees. Step-by-step instructions for creating marketing and business plans, obtaining financing, promoting your business, keeping records, and much more. Free Ultimate Financial...
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