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Time to re-think?   Lisa Stenberg and Jerry Koskela

Time to re-think?

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today our world is branded. Creating a strong brand is not only for consumer goods anymore, but also for places and countries. A country brand might be compared to a commercial brand of a large corporation. A corporation has its center of operations, a country has its capital; a corporation has its emblem, a country its flag.Brands are intangible possessions that can develop into value for almost everyone. From an organizational perspective, a profitable brand enables a product or service to preserve a high level of consumer tolerance, often in the face of significant competition Nandan. Identity is the signals that an organization or a country sends out to the environment. In the discourse of a certain country, the fundamental discussion is often based on the overall perception of the country. These perceptual factors might be situated in security, infrastructure, cultural norms or tourism. The countries we do have good experiences from – we discuss in a good spirit and vice versa....
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