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The Problem of Youth Unemployment and Possible Reasons behind It   Yaprak Kurtsal

The Problem of Youth Unemployment and Possible Reasons behind It

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
World is facing an employment crisis and youth constitutes a group that is among the most vulnerable. Especially in developing countries, the problems associated with youth unemployment tend to be even more challenging at the regional level. The aim of this study is to suggest reasons to why there are regional disparities of youth unemployment in Turkey. A quantitative analysis will be undertaken to comment on regional disparities of youth unemployment, as well as observing other regional trends in education, job-search methods and type of work done, using Household Labour Force Survey conducted by the State Institute of Statistics. The main findings suggest that regional disparities regarding unemployment, education, job search- methods and type of jobs done are statistically significant; while there is a significant negative relationship between youth education and unemployment of youth.
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