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Eminent Domain:   Kwami Adanu

Eminent Domain:

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The use of eminent domain power to take private property for redevelopment is an important public policy on land use in most parts of the world. With increasing population density eminent domain will likely remain relevant for future land use management across the world. Use of eminent domain power in the U.S. is however associated with conflict related to compensation inadequacy, and disproportionate use of the law on poor and disadvantaged communities. The book analyzes these two problems by examining the outcomes of compensation bargains between property owners and government, and evaluates the impact of income differences, homeownership rates and other socio-economic and demographic factors on voters’ decisions on eminent domain reforms in the U.S. The results throw light on limits to government conflict avoidance efforts that are not closely linked to higher compensation levels, and the relationship between public perceptions on eminent domain reforms and the socio-economic...
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