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Information Technology Project Management   Jack T. Marchewka

Information Technology Project Management

2006 год.
Book DescriptionThe real measure of success for an information technology (IT) project is the value the organization receives when the system is finally implemented. In his innovative book, Marchewka focuses on how to create measurable organizational value (MOV) through these projects. He uses the concept of MOV to create a solid foundation for making decisions throughout the project's lifecycle as well as for integrating project management and IT concepts, tools, and techniques. * Includes a new Microsoft Project manual along with a case that requires the use of the software. * Covers new topics such as outsourcing a global project, leadership, and ethics. * Presents an interview with a project manager in every chapter to give readers a real-world understanding of the concepts. * Integrates a running case study throughout the book that shows how to apply the material. * Incorporates nine areas outlined in the Project Management Institute's Project...
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