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Decorating Cakes: A Reference & Idea Book   Ann Jarvie, Mary Enochs, Marita Seiler, Mary Ann Cuomo

Decorating Cakes: A Reference & Idea Book

210x275 116 страниц. 2011 год.
Wilton Industries, Inc.
Get ready for some compliments. When you serve a beautiful cake that you decorated yourself, you'll be the hit of the party. Whatever kind of cake you want to make - plain or fancy, lighthearted or elegant - Decorating Cakes will help you do it beautifully. This easy-to-follow reference and idea book is packed with information every decorator can use. More than 100 essential techniques: flowing borders, lifelike flowers, figure-piped shapes, fondant decorating and more-each shown step by step. It's like having a Wilton Method Instructor by your side as you decorate. Decorating Cakes also includes 30 great cake designs that let you try out the techniques you've learned. You'll learn how to set up your decorating space with the right supplies, how to make the perfect icing, how to bake the ideal cake and much more.
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