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Improving the Innovation Strategy Definition Process   Jeroen Gielen

Improving the Innovation Strategy Definition Process

148 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Innovation is becoming increasingly important in business to survive as a company. One of the drivers to innovation is technology. In order to guide research in technology, an innovation strategy should be defined that is well-aligned with business strategy. Making decisions around these two strategies in order to improve innovation is called strategic innovation decision-making. Several tools can be used in order to facilitate this decision-making process. These tools should be positioned to mutually fit and support. This is very important in order to align the two strategies with each other. Based on a case study in a large multi-national Healthcare company, this book develops a tool, processes, and implementation buy-in for making the right technology bets to support both business strategy and innovation strategy definition. It provides the reader with interesting insights on how to content-wise and process-wise balance the topics in strategic innovation decision-making. This book...
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