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Diffusion of Innovation, Fashion and Attitude while Buying an iPhone   Ali Pirayesh

Diffusion of Innovation, Fashion and Attitude while Buying an iPhone

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Globalization of market, fast pace of technology, choice of consumers’ fashion tendencies and all the challenges and changes in the world of business have made a great deal of effect on most of the organizations and industries, especially multinational companies to consider any detail even of small importance as a competitive advantage to take over the others and change hands of the international market. Accordingly, Multinational brands are seeking to understand the consumption behavior of the people in every region of the world to adapt their products and services. In this book consumers’ adoption process of a product that possesses both attributes of technology and fashion is assessed - This innovative and high-tech product is iPhone. Consumer characteristics of innovativeness and fashion orientation are tested on consumers’ adoption of an iPhone. At the same time, the effect of their attitudes on purchasing an iPhone is exclusively tested. Findings are quiet...
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