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Replacing Work Place Leadership with Political Expediency   Mark Leonhardt

Replacing Work Place Leadership with Political Expediency

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
All governmental and industrial organizations have personnel in positions of authority. Most are assumed, by their positions, to have good leadership skills and follow principled leadership practices as they are considered fundamental skills of successful leadership. Within the past 50 years, changes in the social and political landscape throughout the United States have spurred numerous transformations in the approach to how leadership is not only implemented, but fundamentally defined. The most recent failure in leadership is displayed by both Government and Industry in the recent Gulf Coast catastrophic oil spill. The question to be answered does not give the impression to be one of capability, but rather culpability. Is true ethics based leadership being subjugated if not replaced by political expediency? This book provides a simple process for defining what is good leadership, what is political expediency and how these tendencies can be identified. For anyone,...
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