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Diffusion of innovation   Alessio Leodori

Diffusion of innovation

136 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The last 10 years have seen an astounding growth in mobile subscriptions worldwide. Of the total adult population, more than half are financially excluded, but at the same time they own a mobile phone, thus mobile banking could represent for these people an introduction into financial inclusion. The majority of these unbanked live in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This study was born with the aim to answer to the following research question: what are the important variables to be taken into account to forge a model for mobile banking in Europe? In sum, the author wanted to identify the main drivers of the intention to adopt mobile banking and, after that, forged a business model to boost the adoption of this new phenomena in Europe. The author tried to answer to the question by defining the service, analyzing case studies, making a review of the literature available and then an empirical investigation. In particular the work is organized as follows: six chapters, of which the...
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