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Fostering Innovations for Banking the Unbanked: Models & Mechanics   Asif Yaseen

Fostering Innovations for Banking the Unbanked: Models & Mechanics

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ICT and microfinance is not catch-22 but a reality push to increase outreach in sustainable manner. This book particularizes discussions and critical analysis for explaining the logic of feasibility and operationalization of ICT based initiatives for increasing access spectrum of diversified microfinance services in the fringe areas of any developing country. This practical guide demonstrates value chain system approach to address the deepening crisis of outreach and sustainability in providing microfinance services. This highlights gaps in electronic banking, core MIS technology issues, description of business model architecture and contentious policy and market related issues to turn towards this new shift. Pakistan has been selected as a case study because it is still whipped by massive substance of poverty and its position in the top quartile of global microfinance industry make it interesting subject. Public & private sector has constructed the social...
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