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A Road to Mutual Fund Innovations   Nidhi Walia

A Road to Mutual Fund Innovations

196 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Financial sector has witnessed a great transformation especially after globalization and as a result now the investors in India have a number of opportunities to invest. Now anyone can see the investors shifting their funds from traditional investment sources to emerging innovative financial products. Further, risk appetite of investors is also increasing in anticipation of superior returns and the financial intermediaries need to understand the varied level of risk that different strata of investors can afford and accordingly use their professional diligence. A major problem identified in this complete process is that fund managers are engaged in designing new schemes to lure untapped investors without understanding the need to align these innovations with investors’ expectations. So, the present study has been undertaken with the objective to match investors’ expectations and investment styles of mutual fund AMCs. This book aims to propose a systematic roadmap that mutual fund AMCs...
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