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Business Plan: Soft Skills Training to Empower Indian Women   Leena Periyasamy

Business Plan: Soft Skills Training to Empower Indian Women

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dr. Leena Periyasamy presents a vision for women’s leadership that challenges traditional perspectives on women in business roles. She focuses on the unique perspective that women have for approaching risk, competition, problem solving, and motivation as it applies to business leadership. The institute that she proposes has the capability of transforming women from their traditional roles as students in varied disciplines or homemakers with visionary ideas into business leaders with the capabilities of moving disruptive ideas into willing markets. Dr. Periyasamy rightly identifies that the two key areas of opportunity for women are in the growth of resources and the need to focus on creating the “ownership”. In support of their own businesses, women have the potential to craft not only a new economy built with a new set of ideas and standards but also the magnified economic impact of a segment of society gradually rising up on its own to establish a mutually beneficial and successful...
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