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Pakistan Power Crisis: Impact On Human Resources & Possible Solutions   Alamzeb Aamir,Muhammad Moinuddin Qazi Abro and Muhammad Adnan Khurshid

Pakistan Power Crisis: Impact On Human Resources & Possible Solutions

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pakistan has been experiencing the worst energy/power crisis of its history since 2007. This situation is getting worst on every year passing. It all start with power shortage that slowly turned into deficit in other forms of energy like gas, CNG and other petroleum products when both households and organization / firms resorted to these alternative sources of energy. The severe electricity shortfall compelled the authorities to impose load-shedding schedules of more than eight hours a day. Moreover, in addition to quantification of output losses, the effect on employment, cost of production, delay in supply orders, down fall of income which also effects on their children's education, health related matters of family and other domestic problems.
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