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Valuation: Principles into Practice, Sixth Edition   R EH Hayward

Valuation: Principles into Practice, Sixth Edition

800 страниц. 2008 год.
This new edition of an established text remains core reading for all students undertaking a surveying qualification, as well as a handy reference for valuers in practice.It details valuation principles and practice in core areas such as residential, commercial and industrial in addition to exploring other more specialist fields including minerals, public houses and hotels.The text is thoroughly up to date - including nine completely re-written chapters - and considers the developing law and regulation within the field. 26 people, all of whom are leading specialists within their field, have contributed to the 23 chapters and range from university professors to chartered surveyors, chartered accountants and lawyers. *A student text that is consistently referred to by industry professionals * An entire revision of Valuation legalities, theory and practices. * A comprehensive use of industry knowledge to show readers how to value properties correctly.
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