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She Means Business : 7 New Rules for Marketing to Today's Woman   Grant J. Schneider

She Means Business : 7 New Rules for Marketing to Today's Woman

2005 год.
Book Description"What do women want?" While Sigmund Freud may have most famously asked this question, it is a safe bet that he wasn't the first (or last) to puzzle over it. Even in our current complex and self-aware age, women's lives are all too often viewed in the light of familiar generalizations and obsolete notions from times long past. Surely the truth of a woman's life can best be found in its details. What keeps her up at night? What makes her laugh out loud? What frustrates her? Intrigues her? Inspires her Fulfills her? To uncover these details and find out what makes woman tick, She Means Business draws in groundbreaking, never before published research conducted by the Time Inc. Women Group of magazines. The thirteen diverse publications thatmake up the group, including best-selling titles like People, Parenting, Cooking Light, Essence,In Style, Teen People, Health, BabyTalk, Real Simple, People en Espanol, All You, Cottage Living, and Suede, reach over 45 million...
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