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Hard Rock Brand Perception   Ivan Polak

Hard Rock Brand Perception

128 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The international legend of Hard Rock Cafe has celebrated the second anniversary of its restaurant in Prague. While it is a popular venue for many tourists and some local guests, many citizens of the city lack clear information about the brand and confuse it with other rock clubs in the city. Therefore, this study tries to understand the perception of the Hard Rock brand among potential local guests and discover what barriers exist that prevent them from visiting the restaurant. The studied segment is represented by Czech university students, who are seen as a group of potential customers in long term. Analysis of qualitative and quantitative phases of brand research and their implications on formulated hypotheses lead to conclusions regarding perception of Hard Rock brand. These are further analyzed to offer a number of recommendations for future marketing communication activities. This publication should be interesting to professionals in the field of international marketing, as the...
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