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Brand Extensions in Pakistan   Mohib Ullah Durrani,MUHAMMAD TARIQ and Syed Abid Hussain

Brand Extensions in Pakistan

124 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There have been few studies on brand extensions in a Pakistan context. In this book, we study brand extensions in Pakistan from viewpoint of Brand Managers as their analysis coupled with their personal preferences can provide interesting insights for forming a successful brand extension strategy.Since T. Gamble first published an article about brand extensions (1967) there has been a growing interest for the topic. With the passage of time the in-built benefits of brand extensions in terms of cost and higher success rates were captured by companies in developing countries like Pakistan. In this book, we make theoretical arguments for, and show empirically that growth may not be the ultimate objective for companies in Pakistan. Instead, companies are compelled to follow the bandwagon so to match competitors. It has been indicated that small firms might be in a better position to take advantage of below-the-line promotions in comparison to larger firms....
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