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Consumers and counterfeits of Luxury Brands   Toqeer Anwar and Uzma Mahmud Raja

Consumers and counterfeits of Luxury Brands

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Counterfeiting is basically defined as unauthorized copies of the original brands that harm their sales and goodwill. Counterfeiting over many years is a problem that is unsolved by the firms. It is a fastest growing problem which is affecting both underdeveloped and developed countries. It is one of the major factors that are giving huge losses to the world’s economy. Counterfeiting in luxury brands has become a million dollar business. Much of the research has been done on the counterfeiting but these studies mostly focused Western societies however, counterfeiting is increasing mostly in Asian countries thus; a need exists to study the consumer’s attitude towards counterfeits in these countries. This book provides an understanding of the facts other then price and similarity that why consumers in Pakistan prefer to buy counterfeits of luxury brands. Whereas counterfeits are not reliable as compared to original brands and they spoil the image of the original brand and brand equity.
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