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Join Forces: Co-creating brand value with consumers   Mads Ulrik Greenfort and Morten Hertz Larsen

Join Forces: Co-creating brand value with consumers

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The profound roles of consumers have changed, and so have the conditions under which companies can successfully build brands. Consumers have gone from being isolated to connected, from unaware to informed and from passive to active. As a result consumers are to a larger extent seeking engagement in active dialogue with manufacturers of products and services – they have a desire co-create. Consequently, current predominant approaches to branding become less effective in the process of building brands in the minds of consumers, as they are rooted in an obsolete logic of marketing, in which consumers are regarded as passive recipients of company offerings. Motivated by the lack of an appropriate approach to brand management, this book sets out to build an approach to building brands that more appropriately responds to the increased needs for consumers to co-create. As a result, this book presents the Co-creation Approach to Brand Management; an approach ...
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