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Destination branding   Maja Konecnik Ruzzier

Destination branding

292 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The topic of destination branding has attracted academic interest only recently and the field remains in its infancy. Therefore, the aim of the book is to clarify the dilemma observed at conceptual and empirical levels concerning recent research findings in the area. Stemming from the main branding concepts and specific characteristics of a destination, the book introduces a two- dimensional approach to destination branding. Such proposed approach integrates brand identity and equity and enables different destination stakeholders to be included in the process. Theoretical concepts are empirically verified on the examined brand of Slovenia. Special consideration is given to the concept of customer- based brand equity for a tourism destination, which is investigated for Slovenia and its competitive country Austria from the perspective of two culturally heterogeneous tourist markets (German and Croatian). The book should be especially useful to...
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