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Color Congruence as an Influential Cue in Brand Attitude Formation   Harishchandra Singh Rathod,Dimple Thadhani and Reshma Nair

Color Congruence as an Influential Cue in Brand Attitude Formation

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Marketers know colors have strong power to create brand image, affect the buyer’s decision making process and change the mood of consumers. Colors contribute to differentiate products from competitors so as to create positive or negative feelings about products.Consumer preferences of Color if studied systematically can make a huge difference.Every business organization that comes into contact with the customer develops an attitude & perception in the mind of the customer regarding its products & services. Though there are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy, there is a great deal decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color. When marketing new products it is crucial to consider that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors. In order to find out the Influential role of Colors, researchers have tried to (1) Access the perception of women about symbolic meaning of colors & their associations with different...
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