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Brand Names, Adoption and Diffusion   Alice Wenglosky

Brand Names, Adoption and Diffusion

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current study explores the baby care industry in light of adoption and diffusion of two different types of innovation and how this can be affected by branding strategies and brand names. It finds that, in the baby care industry, differentiation is not the appropriate branding strategy for radical innovations, which is counterintuitive to the dominating logic on branding innovations. The customers in the baby care industry are emotion laden and appreciate a feeling of trust to a new product and / or a new brand starting with the brand name. Brand names have inherent meanings because they are able to evoke associations upon hearing without any product attached to it. Next, it casts doubts to whether it is social pressures according to Bass or the product''s superior performance that accelerates the diffusion, which is enhanced further by an appropriate brand name. Thus, this study adds to branding innovations, naming brands, and adoption and diffusion literature, being the first to...
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