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A Brand Awareness Based Investigation in the Video-Games industry   Hugues Petrini

A Brand Awareness Based Investigation in the Video-Games industry

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Video-games is an important part of leisure and recreational time in today’s societies. Since 1980, the start of the modern video game era, the development of technologies and internet has made video games accessible for every customer. The exchangeability of products in an affluent society forces producers to differentiate themselves from competitors. Therefore, a well-known brand helps companies to communicate to customers as well as it helps to keep existing clients loyal by adding value to the products. Brand awareness is essential to create a strong brand state, that it’s an important part of brand equity, helping customers to identify the value of a brand. The author concentrated on brand awareness as a part of brand equity, as no research has been conducted on this topic for the video-games industry so far. The paper aims to investigate brand equity in the Video-Games Industry. The objectives are, to find out what the most known brands are, if there is a...
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