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Influence of CRM Strategies used by Synthetic Hair Manufacturers-Kenya   Abizer Alibhai

Influence of CRM Strategies used by Synthetic Hair Manufacturers-Kenya

108 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Kenya is the economic hub to east and Central Africa and any player interested in this region, must appreciate the strategic location of Kenya in trade. The hair industry has played on the fear of looking ugly as much as on the pleasure of looking beautiful, drawing on the new science of psychology to convince women that an inferiority complex could be cured by a change of hair. Even then, ruthlessness and outright quackery lurked behind the facade. Beauty is everything to a woman no matter the cost and demand for hair solutions will keep rising as much as we can afford them. As the competitive environment becomes more turbulent, the most important issue the sellers face is no longer to provide excellent, good quality products or services, but also to keep loyal customers who will contribute long-term profit to organizations.
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