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Redesigning a service experience   Siya Ibinabobo Amachree

Redesigning a service experience

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the years, experience-centric service organisations deliver services in which the customer experience is at the core of the service offering the firm dedicates its core resources to making sure that the customer satisfaction is achieved. Art centers have a decline exponentially, as art lovers can view various art exhibitions online. With this, managers of these art centers have a hard task in marketing and making the community aware of the exhibitions and various activities that occurs in the art centers. Normal traditional approach has been used and has failed to reach the target market. This book, therefore, provides an insight approach on overcoming the initial ‘idea’ of what the local community has of the art center, new ways in which the mangers can use in getting more customers and increasing customer satisfaction. The analysis of this book shed some insight on what art centers increase customer service via marketing and improving overall customer satisfaction and value
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