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Partnerships business in rural development of the country (Albania)   Ina Pagria

Partnerships business in rural development of the country (Albania)

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this study i have treated the role of partnerships in rural development of the country. Albania''s farmers are faced every day with many problems such as: inputs provision ,credit problems,to find the right market etc.For this reason we (me and my supervisor)have treated the idea of partnership business as a solution. As the main source of information is used the information collected by a survey realized in the the communes of the two biggest districts of the country (Tirane and Durres). In this PHD thesis is raised an hypothesis with favorable and unfavorable arguments related to partnerships.Through statistical analysis using Maan -Whitney criteria it is provided that the selected respondents in the area consider the necessity of organization and operation of partnerships for rural development. The main operation areas of partnerships were: partnerships for promotion and development of agriculture,partnerships for promotion and development of fruit-grapes, partnerships for...
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