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International Marketing & Finance   Sahin Kesikminare

International Marketing & Finance

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Though international marketing and finance interacts upon each other, we can not take it seriously and only focus on either marketing or finance aspects of an international business plan. This overlooking may cause big losses in business life. This book is intended to put forward the interactive relations between international marketing and international finance and connect them with an interface to guide the investors before their investment decisions. Important national parameters which must be considered before an investment decision have been analysed in detail in order to facilitate the investment decisions of the investors. As a concrete sample in order to be able to compare two countries strategically and decide about their suitability for an investment, you will find a through Strength-Weakness-Opportunity and Threat (THREAT) analysis of two sample countries. This book also serves as an integrative book of international marketing and finance for the students studying...
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